The Plan Framework map identifies and shows the interrelatedness of key physical concepts and strategies in the plan. These include priority focus areas for investment and redevelopment; recommended pedestrian, bicycle, and street improvements; gateway opportunities; parks and open space recommendations; and priority areas to encourage mixed-use corridors. These recommended physical improvements and investments are complemented by other supportive plan strategies related to housing; economic development; infrastructure; and neighborhood priorities.

The Downtown Area Regional Center focuses growth and new development in areas of opportunity, that minimizes the impact on established single-family neighborhoods while complementing the existing neighborhood character. Each of the five focus areas is unique, however, they are all places where more people can live, work, and play in the future, and where there can be more stores, services, destinations, and more places for people to gather. They are oriented to large employers like the University of Texas at San Antonio, existing amenities like parks or museums, and existing or future destinations like the Alamodome or the Lone Star Brewery site.